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I had a miscarriage on my first IVF.  After 4 years of treatments/attempts, I got pregnant with triplets on IVF #3; after seeing strong heartbeats three different times, I miscarried baby B randomly at 9 weeks.  I went on to have an easy/fun pregnancy with boy/girl twins until my water on twin A (Brinly) randomly broke at 17 weeks.  I went into labor at 18 weeks and delivered her vaginally.  She was born still.  My son remained in his own water and my body stopped laboring after Brinly.  I got an emergency cerclage and put on 10 days of antibiotics to try to prevent an infection.  My son remained 100% healthy.  I felt him move daily and he continued to grow.  At 21 weeks, after a month after my water had broke on his sister, I got an infection and went into labor again.  Jude was kicking hard in my stomach as they prepped me for labor.  He died during the birth.  We held him.  He was beautiful.  If I could have held on 3 weeks longer he would have had a shot at survival.

The day after delivering him I got an email from one of my husband's previous co-workers.  She knew our story and offered to carry our biological remaining frozen embryos.  She asked for nothing in return.

You can read more of the details on my blog here.  Becky is the most selfless person I've ever met.  Long story short, she got pregnant with our twin boys Noah and Beckom.  I was excited about twins, but really really scared that something would go wrong again.  We decided to keep the pregnancy top secret till she hit viability, 24 weeks.   Our family/friends had no clue.

On August 22, 2015 we invited our families to come to Multnomah Falls in Oregon to have a memorial service for my son there.  There, we said our last goodbyes as a family and spread his ashes.  We asked our family to meet us at the base of the falls for a family picture.

Once there, we asked as "stranger" to take our picture (it was really our carrier's husband and daughter and they were filiming).  He counted to 3 and out of nowhere, Becky walks into the shot.  Our families are clearly confused until I turn around and say "this is our baby.  This is our surrogate Becky."

Here is the reaction.  This is hands down one of the best days of our lives and one of the best redemption stories we have heard of:


  1. I can't wait for my moment like this. Congrats.

  2. Hi friend! So happy for you. We are about to start IVF and I found your blog when randomly googling about it. This video made me cry A LOT.


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